netiquette & zone transfers

Gene LeDuc Gene.LeDuc at
Tue Mar 21 18:43:21 UTC 2000

This is a well known source of information for people who want to attack
networks, so you might see where the ".br" admin might get a little jumpy.

However, if his domains are open to unauthorized zone transfers then I'd
<GOOD_MOOD>politely</GOOD_MOOD> suggest that he close his blinds if he
doesn't want strangers glancing in his windows.  His responsibility is to
keep people from dumping his domains, not to growl at them after they've
done so.

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> hello all,
> is it bad netiquette to attempt unauthorized zone transfers?
> while experimenting with dns tools in order to get familiar with the DNS
> protocol (unix semi-newbye here) I did many unauthorized zone transfers
> from servers here in my country (Brazil); after a while I got some
> rather hostile messages from the admins of the ".br" domain;
> am I doing something wrong that I'm no aware of?
> is it really such a crime to attempt unauthorized zone transfers?
> is there a related document I should/could read?
> beers,
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> Otavio Exel /<\oo/>\ oexel at

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