netiquette & zone transfers

Lincoln Yeoh lyeoh at
Wed Mar 22 14:11:44 UTC 2000

On 21 Mar 2000 09:40:50 -0800, oexel at (Otavio Exel)

>am I doing something wrong that I'm no aware of?
>is it really such a crime to attempt unauthorized zone transfers?
>is there a related document I should/could read?

Just wondering, how do you tell whether you are authorised to transfer
zones or not? I mean if ls -d works, aren't you authorised to do it? e.g.
it's a service which the dns admin was generous to provide. Zone transfers
should be off by default, then if they are on, it means it's allowed.

If the servers are flakey it's always good to have a copy around, even if
it's stale. I wonder if it's possible to dump the named's cached data
somewhere for that purpose. 


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