bind9 questions

Jim Reid jim at
Thu Mar 1 14:38:26 UTC 2001

>>>>> "Timothy" == Timothy Moseley <Timothy.Moseley at> writes:

    Timothy> As I said QIP (the master) does not support keys.

You'll have to take that up with the vendor. Why should this matter
anyway? You're configuring the slave server yourself, so what's
preventing you from adding a key{} statement to its named.conf? Or
are you relying on QIP to generate that file? Even so, it should be
trivial to fix up that QIP-generated file so that the missing key{}
statements and whatever get added correctly.

    Timothy> That is why I tried the rndc.conf w/out the key statement 
    Timothy> first, I am wanting to know how I can configure the .conf 
    Timothy> file w/out it and still get rndc to work.

You can't. Well I suppose you probably could have the null string as a
key, but this would still need a key{} statement defined in named.conf
and rndc.conf. And with an empty key, your name server could be
controlled by anyone running rndc on your network. This is probably
not a good thing.

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