bind9 questions

Jim Reid jim at
Thu Mar 1 16:22:56 UTC 2001

>>>>> "Timothy" == Timothy Moseley <Timothy.Moseley at> writes:

    Timothy> Jim, I just wanted to thank you for answering, but some
    Timothy> of your comments were up in the ozone. If I say I
    Timothy> downloaded and printed out the manual then of course I
    Timothy> read them, I figured if I put the statement in about the
    Timothy> manual then I would not get any dumbass statements about
    Timothy> rtfm.(SIGH)

The people on this list can only go on the information posters
provide. So if you say you printed the manual, that has to be accepted
at face value and nothing more should be assumed than that. If you had
read the manual, you should have said so. And if you had read the
manual, you would have seen how to set up key{} statements for rndc.

    Timothy> I hide the domain name and the actual IP's
    Timothy> because of the last part of my domain name (.mil).

That makes no difference. Maybe your firewall does let the traffic
through? And even if it doesn't, it's always far better to talk about
(say) than made up but real domain names like It's also very important that when someone presents
config and zone files for analysis on this list, we see *exactly* what
your name server sees, no more, no less. If you hide domain names and
IP addresses, who's to say what else you've mangled?

    Timothy> You had an answer for my email so tell me why this is not
    Timothy> working?

No. That's impossible to do on the information you've provided. I did
give you a fairly comprehensive list of things to check. Have you
checked them? This should tell you why zone transfers are failing.

BTW, I've no idea what these meaningless "---for zone transfers"
references in the mangled named.conf you posted are all about.

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