setting up my own DNS nameserver

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Thu Mar 1 15:36:31 UTC 2001

Phil - 

Just change the nameserver entries with your registrar to the name and
IP of your new nameservers (eg if you're registered with Network
Solutions, you would use their modify dns form)

Of course, make sure you have your own dns working properly before you
do this:-)

Good luck

Peter Rose
London UK

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>> Hello...  hopefully this is the correct group, please point me in the
>> direction if not.
>> I've had serveral 'virtual' hosting account around the net & have recently
>> stepped up to a dedicated RaQ3 server.
>> Of course, the RaQ3 can be used as the DNS nameservers for all my sites.
>> I'm very new to this, so I've got several questions.
>> Heres what I know/have already done:
>> Have myself listed ad Contact, Admin, Tech for the domain.
>> Have 4 ip#'s to work with (only need 2 for this, correct?)
>> First off, just exactly how do I register my domain as a 'host' so I can
>> it as a nameserver.  Do I have to register as a host with the domain
>> registar? or will NSI work?  (fyi, Im reg'd w/ Opensrs)
>> Can someone give me some details on this & point me in the direction to do
>> this.
>> Once reg'd as a host, I assume I can enter the nameserver's & thier
>> IP#......
>> Then just enter all  the domains into my server & everything should set?
>> I have complete instructions on setting up my RaQ3 as a nameserver, is
>> reg'ing the domain as a host is whats got me confused.
>> I appreciate the info or pointing me towards more info on the topic.
>> Thanks much
>> Phil

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