bind9 questions

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Thu Mar 1 15:46:39 UTC 2001

Okay, now we are getting somewhere, if all I need to do is add a key
statement to my named.conf file that is empty then I will give that a try,
the manuals do not state that you can use a null value in the key statement.
I do not have to worry about anybody on my network running rndc, that is
what the OSI and FBI are for. I will try the null thing and let you know if
it works.

So I guess w/out the key bind9 does not work.

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> >    Timothy> As I said QIP (the master) does not support keys.
> >
> >You'll have to take that up with the vendor. Why should this matter
> >anyway? You're configuring the slave server yourself, so what's
> >preventing you from adding a key{} statement to its named.conf? Or
> >are you relying on QIP to generate that file? Even so, it should be
> >trivial to fix up that QIP-generated file so that the missing key{}
> >statements and whatever get added correctly.
> >
> >    Timothy> That is why I tried the rndc.conf w/out the key 
> >statement 
> >    Timothy> first, I am wanting to know how I can configure 
> >the .conf 
> >    Timothy> file w/out it and still get rndc to work.
> >
> >You can't. Well I suppose you probably could have the null 
> >string as a
> >key, but this would still need a key{} statement defined in 
> >named.conf
> >and rndc.conf. And with an empty key, your name server could be
> >controlled by anyone running rndc on your network. This is probably
> >not a good thing.
> >

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