bind9 questions

Timothy.Moseley at Timothy.Moseley at
Thu Mar 1 16:57:34 UTC 2001

> >If you had
> >read the manual, you should have said so. And if you had read the
> >manual, you would have seen how to set up key{} statements for rndc.
As I said, you might get people who refuse to look-up problems in the
manuals but my mistake was assuming that if someone saw that I had printed
out the manuals the that the people who read my request would take it for
granted that I had read the manuals, again my mistake for assuming
intelligence in this world. It doesn't say anything about using a null value
> >
> >    Timothy> I hide the domain name and the actual IP's
> >    Timothy> because of the last part of my domain name (.mil).
> >
> >That makes no difference. Maybe your firewall does let the traffic
> >through? And even if it doesn't, it's always far better to talk about
> >(say) than made up but real domain names like
> > It's also very important that when someone presents
> >config and zone files for analysis on this list, we see 
> >*exactly* what
> >your name server sees, no more, no less. If you hide domain names and
> >IP addresses, who's to say what else you've mangled?
What difference does it matter if the domain is present or if the IP's are
shown. I know that you can not see the server I am talking about. You want
to try its name is pinnacle4 its not registered in the world nor is it
broadcasted outside, go for it. If anything was mangled then bind8 would not
have worked. This system worked fine up until bind9 was installed, I am
trying to get it to work correctly so that I can use BIND9 on another net
that is totally invisible to the world, these servers are all using UNIX and
when I upgrade them I will use the key statements to increase security, but
I am trying to get this to work on this network first and all I want to do
is get zones transfered from the QIP box to the one running bind9.
> >
> >    Timothy> You had an answer for my email so tell me why 
> >this is not
> >    Timothy> working?
> >
> >No. That's impossible to do on the information you've provided. I did
> >give you a fairly comprehensive list of things to check. Have you
> >checked them? This should tell you why zone transfers are failing.
I showed you what I see in the logs, there is no mention of transfer taking
place nor failing. ???
> >
> >BTW, I've no idea what these meaningless "---for zone transfers"
> >references in the mangled named.conf you posted are all about.
You said in your previous mail if I read the manual what did I implement for
zone transfers, well that was them. Reference Bind9, Zone
Transfers----transfer-format one-answer or many-answer, and transfer-source
IPv4 address and of course the allow-update statements in the zones along
with the type slave statements w/ the masters statements, all of these
according to the manual should allow zone transfers.????


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