Difference from 8.2 to 9.x

Ed - Bind bindman at brokendown.net
Fri Mar 2 05:31:12 UTC 2001

I saw there was a new version today so I just upgraded about 2 hours ago
from 8.2.3
Here is everything I did:
{no errors, one or two warnings on a BSDi 4.1 system.
"prototype not used" was one and I can't remember the other }
{if you don't like the number of warnings or the type of warnings you are
getting then
stop right there and find out if there is special compile flags you might
need or params to the make}

make install

ran the /usr/local/sbin/named-checkconf program.
Never heard of it before but it seemed like something to run.
I had to fix swap the order of two things in the loging section of
"file" command had to come first for whatever reason.
It wanted the full path name of the slave.conf file for some reason.

kill -9 [pid of named]
/usr/local/sbin/named  [old one was in /usr/sbin]

and it came right up.
checked the /var/log/daemon.log for errors.
everything was cool.


> I recently started working for this company and within a week of working
> here there was already a break in. It was easy to spot since they were
> using an insecure version of bind, but I wasn't able to upgrade to a
> version higher then 8.2.3 because they other admin. is scared of
> incompatibilities and learning something new. I was hoping that someone
> could help me out on how much has changed from 8.2 to 9.x. What would I
> need to change on my servers if this upgrade was possible? And is it
> to do? All of our servers our Redhat 7.0 with bind 8.2.3 running on it.
> Thanks.
> Mike
> www.idba.org
> IDBA - Internet DataBase Applications

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