nslookup - help.

Ashley_E_Andrews at rush.edu Ashley_E_Andrews at rush.edu
Fri Mar 2 17:28:17 UTC 2001

Thanks Lisa, I feel like the problem is somewhere in there.  I check the
resolv.conf files on both machines and they are set the same way (machines are
in different zones), yet respond differently to the same query.  It is very
strange, I am not sure what to make of it.

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Ashley -

Your OS is probably appending the domain to the hostname.  On Solaris that's
defined in the /etc/resolv.conf.  Any host it encounters that isn't a FQDN
(fully qualified domain name), will get that appended.


Lisa Burke
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when using nslookup on one of the DNS servers here I can type for example
test1.test and nslookup gives the response I am looking for - and
adds on to the end the last two segments rpslmc.edu - I don't have to.  On
another DNS machine here this is not happening.  When I type in test1.test -
nslookup states it can't find test1.test. :NXDOMAIN.  I guess I do not
understand where nslookup pulls the last two segments in the host name from
this case rpslmc.edu).  Strange that it works on one machine and not the
since they are using the same software?


Thanks in advance.

Ashley Andrews

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