nslookup - help.

Gerald Waugh gerald at waugh.com
Fri Mar 2 19:23:10 UTC 2001

> Hello,
> when using nslookup on one of the DNS servers here I can type for example
> test1.test and nslookup gives the response I am looking for - and
> automatically
> adds on to the end the last two segments rpslmc.edu - I don't have to.  On
> another DNS machine here this is not happening.  When I type in
test1.test -
> nslookup states it can't find test1.test. :NXDOMAIN.  I guess I do not
> understand where nslookup pulls the last two segments in the host name
> (in
> this case rpslmc.edu).  Strange that it works on one machine and not the
> other
> since they are using the same software?
> Ideas?
It may be that the reverse lookup is not working, for the IP.
nslookup will not work if it can't do both reverse and froward lookups.
Check your in-addr.arpa zone file.
Also, try 'dig'.

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