cname quick question

Cricket Liu cricket at
Wed Mar 7 19:01:43 UTC 2001

> In regard to the question about CNAME at the top of the zone.
> I seem to have come in this discussion late, and now it seems I
> am being misunderstood.  Is there any reason why a CNAME on
> the root nameserver, in place of delegating the domain with NS,
> would not work?

Well, it would probably be in the com zone, not in the root zone,
but sure, that would work.

> There would be no other record, no NS, no SOA, for the name.

Right.  In fact, you could have both:    IN    CNAME    IN    CNAME

in the com zone.

> A large fraction of the names out there now probably don't have
> any other names in the domain.   Well, a CNAME for www. might
> be nice, also.


> Note that every movie that comes out of the big movie companies has
> a domain for it.  I would be really surprised if 
> there were other hosts in such domains.  It would seem so much
> less work to just put the darn CNAME in, instead of delegate a
> domain with only one A record in it.

I could bring this up as a possible service the Registry could offer.
Are there any technical objections to it that I haven't thought of?


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