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Derek J. Balling dredd at
Wed Mar 7 19:45:04 UTC 2001

At 12:01 PM -0700 3/7/01, Cricket Liu wrote:
>I could bring this up as a possible service the Registry could offer.
>Are there any technical objections to it that I haven't thought of?

So long as CNAME-pointed-at domains' contacts aren't used as contacts.

.ZA does this already, for many many domains. In fact, they appear to, by
default, CNAME undelegated domains (e.g., parked) to "".

;                      IN      ANY

;; ANSWER SECTION:               86400   IN      CNAME

There's a nice spot in their WHOIS record for "CNAME for", and everything.
Except that any time there's any change in "" or whatever,
they feel the need to lookup the CNAME's contacts and also contact THEM
about the changes.

As the WHOIS contact for, I find this unamusing.

I don't care if's domain is expiring. Don't tell me
about it, don't want to hear it.

I don't care if wants to change his address. :)

Now, I can't honestly say if this CNAME'ing to yahoo is "SOP", since they
won't return my e-mails. (sigh), but the annoying part is the use of our
handles for notifications we have zero to do with. :)

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