domain name dissapeared...

Kevin Darcy kcd at
Fri Mar 9 20:12:56 UTC 2001

Well, this isn't really a BIND problem, or even really a problem with DNS. It's
a registrar/registry problem. And since you haven't told us the name of the
domain, we can't even check on it. Chances are, the domain has expired because
the renewal payment wasn't made. But that's only a guess. In the future, please
provide specific domain information if you want to be helped.

- Kevin

Cihan Subasi (Garanti Teknoloji) wrote:

>         One of my registered domain name is not seen anymore, I checked
> Network Solutions it says domain does not exist in their database when I
> register the domain it says it is already registered and if I want to make a
> change it does not say anything and hangs...
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