I can't change my name server for domain registered through Network Solutions.

John Wu baliscan at flashmail.com
Mon Mar 12 01:43:53 UTC 2001

Sorry if this is not a very right place to ask for such question.

I have registered  domain "dnaweb.net" through Network Solutions and I want
to change my primary name server to "ns1.10dash.com". But I always get "host
name invalid" when I tried to make changes through

FYI, I can use ns1.10dash.com as a name server for other domains registered
through www.dotster.com or www.gkg.net.

The last respond from Network Solutions is that I have to contact eNameCo
(the one who registered ns1.10dash.com as a name server). I contacted
eNameCo, and they said if a name server can work for domain registered
through other registrar then it should work also for domains registered
through NSI.

I have been trying to get a more detail explanations from NSI through emails
but there is no reply at all.
I really hope I can get some advises from you guys. Where is the problem
actually ? Who should I really approach? Network Solutions or eNameCo ???


Best Regards,

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