Reverse address trouble?

Tal Dayan tal at
Mon Mar 12 02:34:53 UTC 2001

We had once a similar problem that was fixed when we added a dummy A record
for our domain name.
Something like	A

Apparently, some mail severs use this as an anti spam measure and refused to
send us mail
until we defined this record.

I don't know though if this is the problem in your case.


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> Hi folks
> I look after a small site,, that is having trouble
> sending or receiving email from certain sites. I have gone over
> the local DNS configuration several times and as far as I can
> tell everything looks okay. I am beginning to think that their
> problem may be with their service provider not delegating the
> reverse zone to them or not having accurate PTR information on
> them (they haven't been very cooperative in helping run this
> problem down). I was hoping that I could get some of you folks to
> check the site out from your domains to see if it something I
> messed up on or if it is a problem "upstream" from their server.
> The NS is, (
> Thanks in advance for the help.
> -LB

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