Bind 8.2.3 on Solaris and CHROOT

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Mon Mar 12 23:57:21 UTC 2001

	I generally advise people to follow the instructions in
	ftpd(8) on how to setup a chroot area.  These should match
	the OS and its release.

	The malloc errors are most probably because /dev/zero is missing
	from the chroot area.

	-t causes the sever to change to directory given and make it
	the new root.


> We are running Bind 8.2.3 on Solaris 7 and have been trying to get it to
> work in a chroot "jail"... We have followed instructions in the Langfeldt
> Que Book (DNS and Bind) - well more or less, and we have found that named
> seems to start ok, but there are problems with named-xfer.  Specifically, we
> get "malloc" errors whenever named-xfer is invoked.
> We found a cached page on Google for what seems to be a similar error report
> (at
> 2000-q2/att-0216/01-bind-chroot.html+named-xfer+malloc&hl=en )
> but we did not see any followup to this that included success...
> Anyone have any insight in this whole process?  We have seen conflicting
> advice on whether or not to create /dev/tcp and /dev/udp in the chrooted
> jail, (we dont think that is necessary from our testing)  and I guess we are
> also wondering what the -t option on named startup really is doing.
> TIA for any insight/advice.
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