DNS throug a router

Kevin Darcy kcd at daimlerchrysler.com
Tue Mar 13 00:34:04 UTC 2001

There is no one "proper" way to do DNS. Depends on what your needs are, and
what your available resources are. If your domain is hosted at an ISP, for
instance, and all of your clients have a clear path to the ISP's nameservers,
and you don't have any security issues with your DMZ nodes being in the public
DNS, then you could just have all of you DMZ nodes in your domain hosted on
your ISP's nameservers, point all of your client resolvers to the ISP's
nameservers, and not have to run a DNS server at all. On the other hand, you
could run a DNS server, and put it anywhere, as long as it is reachable by your
clients, and can resolve Internet names. Then point all of your clients at it.
This would allow you more direct control of your own namespace.

- Kevin

Mostro wrote:

> I just got a DSL connection at my office and am setting up a dmz between the
> DSL router and my cisco router.. What is the proper way to get name
> resolution between my internal lan and the DMZ. Also to the internet.
> For example I would like to: Ping a node on my dmz from my internal lan
> (using a name).
> Thanks in advance.

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