BIND 9.1.1rc4 cannot load reverse zones from WindowsNT's DNS and vice versa

Systems systems at
Tue Mar 13 04:52:16 UTC 2001

After running BIND 9.1.1rc4 for about 4 straight days on two slaves, both slaves
now cannot load all reverse zones ( from the master server running 
DNS for Windows NT.  Transfer of forward zones from Windows NT to BIND 9 
is still okay.

Also, it doesn't seem possible to make DNS for Windows NT to load reverse 
zones from BIND 9.1.1rc4 (didn't try anything else). Is there any incompatibilities 
between them? Microsoft, in its white paper, has stated its compliance to all the 
necessary  RFCs. Really puzzling, since almost all DNS traffic has been redirected 
away from  Windows NT, and load on Windows NT server is really very light, 
obvious isn't it?

Thanks in advance for advice.

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