Virtual Hosting

Len Conrad LConrad at
Tue Mar 13 08:04:55 UTC 2001

>I know how to do Apache, Sendmail, ..., but where is the documentation
>for Virtual Hosting for DNS & BIND to create the file that holds all
>the virtual hosts (aliases) directed back at the server.

BIND uses a master config file and zone (database) files.  Your 
imaginary "file that holds all
the virtual hosts (aliases)" needs to be implemented using the BIND 
files.  You will need, for each 2nd level domain, a zone statement in 
the master config file and a zone file.

The database files can be greatly simplified using $INCLUDE directive 
and shared zone files, esp useful for virtual hosting.

>If any addition information, links, pages (possibly DNS & BIND) is necessary,
>please be sure to include them.

Get the book: DNS & BIND, from O'Reilly. plus there are tons of 
resources on Internet.

Len : DNS training for USA and 
Europe : Binary for ISC BIND 8.2.3 for NT4 & W2K  : Build free, hi-perf, anti-spam mail gateways

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