strange log?

digitalfrontier digitalfrontier at
Tue Mar 13 14:28:20 UTC 2001

I'm running RH 6.2 this is odd,..i installed BIND 8.2.3 from scratch,

make clean
make depend
mak all
make install

and BEFORE doing 'make install' I deleted the .settings file in the src dir
and edited the /src/port/linux Makefile.set to alter the DESTINATION dir to
/usr/local/bind823 and its child dir


afer this,...I placed the startup script call named in /etc/rc.d/init.d/
then I ran chkconfig --add named
chkconfig --level 345 named on

all went fine at this point,...but here is where it gets wierd, after
starting the named daemon by running
/etc/rc.d/init.d/named start
which went fine and started ok.....but what was strange was it created a log
file in /root called 'foo'

i used jove to open it,.and yep, it was a log file for the named daemon,
I went ahead and deleted it, but every time i start up the named daemon
using /etc/rc.d/init.d/named start it re-created it but when i just start
named with the path like /usr/local/bind823/sbin/named -u named
it doesn't create this 'foo' named log

AND on top of that, I ran NMAP on my ip and it showed domain on port 53 but
also something called xns-time on port 52 i checked to see what process
was using this port and sure enough, it was the named daemom.

WHATS going on here??...any thoughts??,..I'm truly baffled



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