Running BIND 4.9.3 on Solaris 8

Greg Chavez greg at
Tue Mar 13 22:36:33 UTC 2001

Hello, it's nice to be back.  I used to use this list quite frequently
between 1997 and 1999.  Since then, I've had a little hiatis from BIND,
but now I'm back and I'm flummoxed - I never knew much beyond BIND 4.9 and
now I'm stuck with a nasty upgrade conundrum.  Maybe somebody can help me.

I've been given a bizarre project: take a rundown SunOS 5.4 server running
BIND 4.9.3 and transfer it to a Solaris 8 server.  Unfortunately, I was
not given the option of refreshing my memory on BIND topics and now I am
faced with having to complete this project by tomorrow evening.

My initial thinking was to do the follwowing:
  - install BIND 4.9.3 on the Solaris 8 server (core install, yassp'd)
  - transfer the old config files over and test
  - upgrade to 4.9.8 then test
  - upgrade to 8.2.3 then test
  - upgrade to 9.1 then test
  - put new server in production

I never got past the second step.  It doesn't seem that the 4.9.3 install
overwrote the BIND server that comes with Solaris 8 (SUNWcsu package -
can't very well remove that one) - in fact, I'm not even sure what
exact version of BIND it is.  When I rebooted the server after having
installed 4.9.3, in.named did not start becasue it was looking for
named.conf - not named.boot!  So obviously Sun ships Soalris 8 with BIND 8
or 9.  But how to overwrite it?

I'd like to just get 4.9.3 working and then upgrade from there.  If
anyboyd could point me in the right direction so that I might acheive that
goal or offer up some alternate strategy, I'm all ears.

I'll be feverishly pouring over documentation and makefiles while I await
someone's response.  Thanks in advance.

--Greg Chavez

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