Replicating views?

Tristan Ball tristanb at
Wed Mar 14 22:45:01 UTC 2001

Brad Knowles wrote:
> At 11:54 AM +1100 3/14/01, Tristan Ball wrote:
> >  Replicating either view is easy enough, but how do I replicate *both* to
> >  the same server? Particularly without getting too complicated!
>         Use different IP addresses for those views *from* different IP
> addresses (so that the server can distinguish between them).

Um, how? My primary DNS server has only one IP address, and only one
available, so I can't do a virtual IP or anything. My two other servers
have both internal and external IP's, however, the xfer requests from
the secondaries will always come from only one of those IP's, and I can
see no way to change it.

>         IMO, it makes life a lot simpler to just have the two jobs
> performed by two separate machines with totally separate functions.
> That way you never have any questions about the way a question should
> be answered, regardless of what the query IP address may be.

Mostly, I agree, unfortunately at the moment I can't put any other
machines in place. Having them on the same machine also make it very
easy to make sure data that is shared between the internal and external
domains is kept consistant, by way of $includes...

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