Can't look up local names

Kevin Darcy kcd at
Thu Mar 15 16:23:37 UTC 2001

I've been using loopback in resolv.conf for *many* years, on a variety of
platforms, and never had any problem with it. Makes the resolv.conf much more
portable, and is less likely to break DNS if the machine gets re-addressed.

Note, however, that if you use loopback, nslookup will want to be able to
resolve, and unless you have this "customized" as a
master zone on every nameserver, the result of that query could be rather

- Kevin

HAG.Keijzer at wrote:

> Correct me if I am wrong, but wasn't there a problem with using localhost in
> your resolv.conf?
> I remember that under older versions of bind it was advised not to use the
> localhost as nameserver, especially in combination with multiple nameserver
> directives?
> Kind Regards,
> Gody Keijzer.
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> Subject: RE: Can't look up local names
> Looks like a resolver issue.
> In "/etc/resolv.conf", you need :
> search
> nameserver
> nslookup (and clients, like 'telnet', that are linked with the resolver
> libraries) will append the domain names in the "search" list, one after
> the other, to an input name with no dots until a lookup is satisfied or
> the list is exhausted.  The first domain is considered to be the domain
> of the local host.
> So
>  --->
> but
>    warren   -->
> If "/etc/resolv.conf" is correct and you are using the vendor
> 'nslookup', then it may be that the vendor resolver libraries and their
> 'nslookup' support lookup facility switching via "/etc/nsswitch.conf".
> E.g., this is the case for HP-UX -- dunno 'bout FreeBSD.
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> Subject: Can't look up local names
> I am running FreeBSD4.1 stable with bind 9.1.0. I have configured
> named.conf and all of the zone files associated with it. My problem was
> a basic one but pointed out a knowledge gap. At first, I couldn't look
> up names in the local domain i.e.;
> nslookup warren
> server : localhost
> address :
> **** localhost can't find warren : Non-existant host/domain
> my "hostname" was set to "warren". When I set it to
> the local lookups work fine. "domainname" still
> returns "". I've read all I could, even bought "the" O'Reiley book and I
> guess they assume you already know some things that I don't.  Does
> anyone in the know have the time to front me some background into what's
> going on here. I thought the zone file would suffice to explain to the
> name server who it is and it's SOA?

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