Domain Aliasing

Kevin Darcy kcd at
Tue Mar 20 01:49:29 UTC 2001

Dave Carlyon wrote:

> Using BIND 8.2.3 is there a way for multiple registered domain names to
> pull information from one zone?
> + zone x.y.z is already configured
> Could I setup zone a.b.c and zone d.e.f to use the same information as
> in zone x.y.z?

Yes, you can point multiple zone { } definitions at the same file, but you
have to be careful what you put into the file: use only relative names,
e.g. just "foo", for names underneath the zone, and use "@" to refer to
the zone itself. Names which are constant for all zones, e.g. if you're
directing mail for all of these zones to a single set of mail servers,
should, as always, be fully-qualified and dot-terminated.


@ soa ns1.constant.domain.  root.ns1.constant.domain. (
    ns ns1.constant.domain.
    ns ns2.constant.domain.
    mx 0 mail.constant.domain.
www cname @
ftp a
pop a

- Kevin

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