BIND 8.2.3 verus 9.x.x ?? in production

Kevin Darcy kcd at
Tue Mar 20 02:01:49 UTC 2001

To be brutally frank, I wouldn't trust my production servers to BIND 9 just
yet. There have been too many recent reports of lockups and crashes to make me
comfortable switching. But then, perhaps we are a little more conservative
than most, around here. Also, we have no need yet of advanced features like
DNSSEC and IPv6 compatibility, and since our servers are nowhere near
capacity, multithreading doesn't really buy us much either (not to mention the
fact that most of our nameservers are running older versions of Solaris that
probably couldn't multithread properly anyway).

As always, though, YMMV (Your Mileage May Vary). If you need BIND 9's new
features and your risk threshold is slightly higher than ours, maybe it might
be worth it for you to go to BIND 9. The latest version, I understand, is
9.1.1 release candidate 5 (9.1.1rc5 for short).

- Kevin

Kerry M. Liles wrote:

> I have recently heard that BIND 9 (not sure what sub version) is
> "recommended" for production DNS servers. I would be interested in what the
> concensus is in this forum.  Is 8.2.3 better or worse than 9.x.x and for
> what specific reasons?
> I myself do not see any compelling reason to put 9.x.x into production, but
> I would love to hear arguments to the contrary.
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