BIND/NT 8.2.3: Slave does not Named-XFer

Danny Mayer mayer at
Tue Mar 20 04:34:35 UTC 2001

At 06:19 AM 3/19/01, Andy Brunner wrote:
>- I have a master and slave DNS running with BIND/NT 8.2.3.

         I assume that dns1 is the master and dns2 is the slave.

>- Both are answering a authoritative.
>- Master is sending NOTIFY's and slave is receiving those NOTIFY's (NT 
>- The slave is not updating its data.
>- Manual Named-XFer on the slave (with the master IP) are returning 
>It looks as if the slave does not execute Named-XFer. What could cause 
>behavior? I have even tried to add the line "named-xfer "C:\Programme\DNS
>BIND\bin\named-xfer.exe" in the "control" section.

That won't do anything except generate load errors.  Are there any tmp files
left in the /etc directory of the slave (or whereever you put your config files)?
If so, what's in them? You appear to have a very small zone, so it's probably
not a memory issue. To be sure try increasing your pagefile size on the master
and rebooting. Are you sure that there's absolutely nothing in either the master
nor the server?  Did you set up a log file (done in named.conf)? If so, what's in
there, both for the master AND the slave.


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