BIND/NT 8.2.3: Slave does not Named-XFer

Andy Brunner Andy.Brunner at Infoline.CH
Mon Mar 19 16:44:06 UTC 2001

- I have a master and slave DNS running with BIND/NT 8.2.3.
- Both are answering a authoritative.
- Master is sending NOTIFY's and slave is receiving those NOTIFY's (NT event
- The slave is not updating its data.
- Manual Named-XFer on the slave (with the master IP) are returning correct

It looks as if the slave does not execute Named-XFer. What could cause this
behavior? I have even tried to add the line "named-xfer "C:\Programme\DNS
BIND\bin\named-xfer.exe" in the "control" section.

Thank you for any help!

Infoline AG
Andy Brunner

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