Bind for NT 4.0 crashes

Danny Mayer mayer at
Tue Mar 20 05:20:32 UTC 2001

         Make sure that you no longer have the old version of BIND running.
   Try rebooting and look at the event logs.  It should tell you when it starts
   up what version it's running. It should give you other information while reading
   named.conf and loading the zones.  What are the messages you get?
   Is there any indication of what it's doing when the crash happens?  Did a
   zone transfer happen right before the crash?  What version of BIND is
   the master server running.  How many records do you have in the zone?
   Are there any tmp files in the /etc directory?  If so what's in them?

At 10:27 AM 3/19/01, Fernando Nerio Fernández wrote:
>The only error message that I get in the Application Event Log is "The
>service terminated unexpectedly", while the server is running everything
>works fine, the problem is that the service crashes at least 2 or 3 times a
>day. I´m not getting errors while loading the zones. 
>The server that is experiencing this problem is the slave.
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>At 11:35 AM 3/16/01, Fernando Nerio Fernández wrote:
> >Hi there,
> >         I just upgraded from BIND 4.9.7 for NT, to BIND 8.2.3 for NT too,
> >with version 4.9.7 our DNS worked fine, but now with version 8.2.3  we are
> >experiencing service crashes, I know that some other people are having the
> >same problem, does anyone know of any solution?
>          This is very vague.  What problem are you encountering?  What does
>application event log say? Are there any errors loading the zones?  If so,
>Is this the master or the slave?
>                  Danny

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