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Roy Roy.Arends at
Tue Mar 20 15:46:24 UTC 2001

On 20 Mar 2001, Kumar AN wrote:

> I have been running the BIND which comes with Solaris 8 but we decided due 
> to security considerations, to upgrade to BIND 9.1.0
> My colleague built the whole package and also the associated zone files and 
> named.conf
> Now that he is away on a break, when I try and install it things look ok 
> but when I try and run the 'named' executable that appears to work too, but 
> does not show up in 'ps' and I see BIND is not running on the box ( I have 
> turned the old BIND 8.2 which comes with Solaris, off). 
> I get no error messages at all.
> When I run the 'named-checkconf' I get the following 
> /etc/named.conf:54: parse error near view
> Any idea what this might be?
> Thanks
> Arv

Read the migration information in doc/misc/migration (in the BIND 9
package) or specify the full named.conf .


Roy Arends

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