Parse error

Jim Reid jim at
Tue Mar 20 15:56:53 UTC 2001

>>>>> "Kumar" == Kumar AN <af281 at> writes:

    Kumar> I have been running the BIND which comes with Solaris 8 but
    Kumar> we decided due to security considerations, to upgrade to
    Kumar> BIND 9.1.0

Better make that 9.1.1rc5. It fixes some nasty bugs in 9.1.0.

    Kumar> When I run the 'named-checkconf' I get the following

    Kumar> /etc/named.conf:54: parse error near view

    Kumar> Any idea what this might be?

Given that this is the only information you've provided, we can only
say that you have a syntax error around line 54 in named.conf. It
could be a broken view{} statement. Or maybe you're using the keyword
"view" somewhere you shouldn't. Post the config file if you want
someone to tell you what's wrong with it. The psychic skills on this
mailing list are not very well developed.

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