question on retry and notifications in v8.2.3

Jim Reid jim at
Thu Mar 22 09:48:54 UTC 2001

>>>>> "Thomas" == Thomas Duterme <thomas at> writes:

    Thomas> If I update a master server and send a SIGHUP to named, it
    Thomas> will automatically send out notify messages to the defined
    Thomas> slaves after a few seconds.

Correct, but stop sending signals to the name server. Use ndc (BIND8)
or rndc (BIND9) to manage the name server.

    Thomas> If so, then what is the point of the refresh value in the
    Thomas> SOA?  A secondary name server would never have to use this
    Thomas> since the master would send out notification on any
    Thomas> changes, right?  Or is this something left in to make sure
    Thomas> that the slave would update regardless of whether or not
    Thomas> the master broadcast message was heard? 

Yes. Or if the slave server didn't support the NOTIFY protocol.

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