Thanks to Kevin Darcy on June 12, 2000 I am half working

Scott.Wiseman scott.wiseman at
Thu Mar 22 20:34:17 UTC 2001

thanks...I had help installing bind...

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>>>>> "Brad" == Brad Knowles <brad.knowles at> writes:

    Brad> 	In your /etc/named.conf (or /etc/rndc.conf) replace
    Brad> the string "%DESTRUN%" with the actual path to the socket
    Brad> that will be used for rndc.  For example, this might be
    Brad> /var/run/ndc, but of course the actual path to be used will
    Brad> depend on what OS you're using, etc....

Er, no. %DESTRUN% is supposed to be munged at compile-time to the
appropriate directory for the control socket on the chosen OS. Here's
an excerpt from the ndc Makefile:

pathnames.h: ${TOP}/.settings Makefile ../named/pathtemplate.h
        rm -f pathnames.h
        sed -e "s|%DESTSBIN%|${DESTSBIN}|" \
            -e "s|%DESTEXEC%|${DESTEXEC}|" \
            -e "s|%DESTETC%|${DESTETC}|" \
            -e "s|%DESTRUN%|${DESTRUN}|" \
            < ../named/pathtemplate.h > pathnames.h

It looks like someone didn't follow the installation instructions and
compile BIND8 properly. Or the config and install process is broken,
which is possible but unlikely.

BTW, rndc.conf only applies to BIND9 which does not use Unix domain
sockets for controlling the name server.

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