underscores in hostname

Chip Old fold at bcpl.net
Fri Mar 23 13:52:25 UTC 2001

On Fri, 23 Mar 2001, HAG.Keijzer at mindef.nl wrote to bind-users at isc.org:

> okay okay okay I know that underscores _ are NOT allowed in hostnames.
> However, i'm in an environment with a lot of crap, and tons of names
> with underscores.
> I run Bind 8.2.3 on solaris (in lab), and it rejects the hostnames.
> 8.1.2 warned but continued.
> Is there any solution to stop Bind from rejecting hostnames with _'s?
> I looked through the 8.2.3 docs, but couldn't find anything.

Add "check-names master ignore;" and/or "check-name slave ignore;" to the
options section of your named.conf to turn of hostname checking
completely.  Or "check-names master warn;" and/or "check-names slave
warn;" will allow non-conforming hostnames but will write warnings to the

The "check-names" directive can also be used within individual zone
statements, where it overrides any "check-names" directive in the overall
options section.

You really should change all your nonconforming hostnames.

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