Redirect to a different port through DNS

Brad Knowles brad.knowles at
Fri Mar 23 18:12:52 UTC 2001

At 9:49 AM -0500 3/23/01, Joel Freeman wrote:

>  what would I put in the domain record?
>  ftp2            IN    A    111.222.333.444:22

	That doesn't work.  Unfortunately, virtually no programs I know 
of support SRV records, which could be made to do something like 
this.  What you're going to have to do is use two different IP 
addresses, and have a different ftp daemon configuration listening to 
each of them.

Brad Knowles, <brad.knowles at>

/*        efdtt.c  Author:  Charles M. Hannum <root at>          */
/*       Represented as 1045 digit prime number by Phil Carmody         */
/*     Prime as DNS cname chain by Roy Arends and Walter Belgers        */
/*                                                                      */
/*     Usage is:  cat title-key scrambled.vob | efdtt >clear.vob        */
/*   where title-key = "153 2 8 105 225" or other similar 5-byte key    */

dig|perl -ne's/\.//;print pack("H124",$1)if(/^x([^\.]*)/)'

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