BIND 9 syntax error near '<quoted string>'

Przybycien, John JPrzybyc at
Fri Mar 23 18:47:49 UTC 2001

I'm running BIND 9.1.1rc4 on a Sun with Solaris 8
and receive the following in /var/adm/messages.

/etc/name.conf:2:  syntax error near '<quoted string>'
rndc: /etc/name.conf: failure

Here's the first few lines of name.conf:

options {
           directory "/etc";
           allow-transfer { none; };
           auth-nxdomain yes;

I've tried recreating the name.conf file, using spaces instead of tabs to
changing the order of the options, etc.  BTW, changing the order always
an error with /etc/name.conf:2:  The following is returned if I switch lines
2 and 3:

/etc/name.conf:2:  syntax error near '{'
rndc: /etc/name.conf: failure

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance,


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