Key Expirey.

Osman Shoukry oshoukry at
Mon Mar 26 19:25:16 UTC 2001

Hi all,
I recently setup the TSIG slave to send and retrieve signed requests to the
master.  However I just noticed today that the TSIG started to fail, and
when I put the DNS in debug mode to see what is going on, I saw these

Mar 26 11:40:16.747 tsig key 'secret': signature has expired
Mar 26 11:40:16.747 client slave.ip.address#xx: request has invalid
signature: tsig verify failure

In the documentation, nothing is mentioned about what the lifetime of the
key is, and I thought it would be like the Raduis authentication shared
secret, which never expires.

To have run in TSIG mode, if the keys expire, it seems to me that I have to
write a script that would generate keys every "expiry date -1" and then
restart the named.

I am not sure if this is really how things are, or is there something I am

Any input on the subject is greatly appreciated,

Osman Shoukry

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