BIND 8.2.3 problem

Kevin Darcy kcd at
Mon Mar 26 21:41:16 UTC 2001

Sounds like you might lack direct Internet connectivity, and therefore
have forwarding configured, but did not specify "forward only". If
that's the case, then whenever a query to the forwarders times out
(which can happen from time to time, even in the absence of a specific
failure), named will try to "prime" the root zone based on what is in
the hints file. This priming then fails for the same reason that the
original query timed out.

When using forwarding to deal with a network connectivity issue, use
"forward only". "Forward first", the default forwarding mode, is only
for when you have full connectivity but you're trying to improve
performance by forwarding queries to a central cache.

- Kevin

Soporte OPS wrote:

> Hi all.
> We are running Bind 8.2.3 on a SUN U10 server with Solaris 2.6 ...
> The service seems to work fine but from time to time , we start
> getting this error:
> sysquery nlookup error on: ?
> for about 1 minute or so, and finishes with the msg:
> info: hint zone "" (IN) loaded (serial 0)
> and everything goes normal for some (random) time.
> When the server is in this error state, it only resolves the domains
> defined on the same servers, it doesn't resolve external domains. It
> seems that it cannot access named.root. However, this file is ok
> because it works from time to time. We have downloaded and install a
> new file name.root, and revised the named.conf file following the
> directives of previous posts in the group.
> Thank you in advance.
> Antonio Castan
> antonio.castan at

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