suggestions for LARGE dns's

Jim Reid jim at
Tue Mar 27 22:26:44 UTC 2001

>>>>> "Brad" == Brad Knowles <brad.knowles at> writes:

    >> So my question, does anyone have good sample configs for such
    >> high populated binds? If so are you willing to share them or at
    >> least discuss large populated namedservers?

    Brad> 	If you want to read documents as to how "high volume"
    Brad> name servers (e.g., root name servers) should be run, take a
    Brad> look at RFC 2879, "Root Name Server Operational
    Brad> Requirements" at <>.
    Brad> This isn't quite the same, but it should give you at least
    Brad> some interesting information.

In fact most of the info in the RFC -- it's actually RFC2870 -- should
be applied to any important authoritative name server: root server or

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