What is auth-nxdomain?

Mark.Andrews at nominum.com Mark.Andrews at nominum.com
Wed Mar 28 00:29:02 UTC 2001

	AA is set when the answer is generated by a server for the zone.
	AA is clear when the answer is generated from a cache.

	Old nameservers would not accept a NXDOMAIN answer unless the AA
	bit was set which made it impossible to supply such servers with
	cached answers.  auth-nxdomain is used to tell the nameserver to
	lie when answering from the cache by setting the AA bit even when
	the answer is coming from the cache.


> I read the bind 9 Administrator Reference Manual and said that the 
> auth-nxdomain is:
> auth-nxdomain If yes, then the AA bit is always set on
>            NXDOMAIN responses, even if the server is
>            not actually authoritative. The default is no;
>            this is a change from BIND 8. If you are using
>            very old DNS software, you may need to set it
>           to yes.
> but I don't understand very well? Can somebody explain me in english?? jaja
> Thanks
> Agustina
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