Solaris 8/BIND-8.1.2 and RP record

Thomas Mandl Thomas.Mandl at
Thu Mar 29 09:09:03 UTC 2001

Hi List,

i encountered the following problem, when using the RP (Responsible
Person) record on a stock BIND-8.1.2 (on SUN/Solaris 8).

When using the RP record in my master zone database the following
happens during an (A) query:

user% nslookup host1
Default Server:

Non-authoritative answer:

Note the 'Non-authoritative answer' line. If i remove the RP record from
the master zone DB file it does not report 'Non-authoritative answer'!!!
Then my primary NS thinks it it authoritative for this zone.

This also prevents my secondary slave to successfully transfer the
forward lookup zone (because it responds with 'bad response to SOA query
from X.X.X.X, zone x.x.x.x: rcode 0, aa0, ancount 0, aucount ),
Indicating that it can't transfer a zone from a non-authoritative master

Here's my RP record:
; Responsible person for this domain
	      IN RP
	      IN RP
site-info     IN TXT "Text describing the site information"
human-contact IN TXT "System Administration: blah, blah, blah"

However, if i leave the RP records in place, i can query the RP and
associated TXT records, but my name server thinks it is not
authoritative for

Did i misunderstood the RP record? Does anybody know if this is a
(known) bug/feature of SUN's BIND-8.1.2. (I know i have to use a newer
version of BIND for security reasons, etc..., but for now it has to work
with this version).

Many thanks

Thomas Mandl            

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