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Bill Larson wllarso at
Sat Mar 31 17:29:32 UTC 2001

I just responded to another posting of a similar nature.  I will give
the same answer here.

You need to get a copy of "DNS & BIND" by Cricket Liu, published by
O'Reilly and Assc.  Then READ this book and understand the DNS protocol
(at a basic level) and understand DNS operation and management.  If you
are using an NT DNS server, there is "DNS on Windows NT" by Paul Albitz
also by O'Reilly, that will be of assistance.

Please note that there is a new edition of "DNS & BIND" coming out soon.
 Your needs are immediate though!  Do NOT wait for the newest edition to
come out, get the current edition and read/study/understand.

Trying to manage two domains without understanding zone files strongly
indicates that you don't understand DNS operations.  You need immediate
assistance for this, which includes some basic understanding of DNS. 
Either of these two books will rapidly help you obtain this understanding.

Now for a very brief answer to your question, you need to create two
zone files to handle your two domains.

Sorry for being so short in dealing with your question.  You have
invested a reasonable chunck of pocket change in registering two
domains, there should be little concern on your part about investing a
little more time and effort (and possibly money in purchasing a book) to
understand what you have gotten yourself into.  Or, let someone else do
this work for you.

Bill Larson

testrose wrote:
> Hi ,
>    I'm new in dns bind, just wanted to know how will I set up the dns
> wherein I have two domain names, namely and
> tia,
> testrose

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