Secondary DNS

Simon Waters Simon at
Wed Oct 3 16:29:19 UTC 2001

Lee Langley wrote:
> This works great and the 2nd DNS server takes the records from the
> primary but only if I manually add the domains.
> What I want to know is if its possible to configure a secondary server
> that just reads all information from the primary server so that the
> 2nd server is practically unmanaged.
> Any ideas on this and how to do it ?

One approach that may work if the secondary is identical to the
first server is to use "rsync" and "ssh" to make an exact copy
of the original. But this only applies to certain types of
configuration, usually where having two identical masters is all
you want.

This has been discussed here previously, and is also favoured by
the author of another DNS package, discussed at

Otherwise you need to find a way of scripting the update to
named.conf, which shouldn't be that hard.

Unmanaged or low on administration overhead - unmanaged would
imply you never read the error logs *8-)

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