Creating Single Domain from split DNS

laura.l.herndon at laura.l.herndon at
Thu Oct 4 13:26:59 UTC 2001

> >
> > $TTL 14400
> >@       SOA (
> >
> >                        2001090401 ;serial
> >                        3600    ;refresh
> >                        900     ;retry
> >                        3600000 ;expire
> >                        14400 ) ;minim
> >;

> Uh oh. This zonefile won't load as "" because you
> an explicit $ORIGIN here, so the "@" SOA record will be interpreted as
> owned by "". Since an "" SOA record doesn't
> in the "" zone, named will fail to load this zone,
> complaining about "out of zone data".

> Why don't you just eliminate the $ORIGIN entirely? That way the default
> will be "" when loaded as "" and
> "" when loaded as "".

Doh!  I just cut and pasted from the current file, so I'll make sure that
comes out.

Am I right in understanding that everything will still resolve and mail
will work because the IPs aren't going to change?  Also, we'll still only
have a single reverse file - should that stay ''?  When we
finally get to the single domain model, we'll fix that, but that's still
about a year off, it looks like.  Any idea what might break in that time?

> > ;
> >  NS
> >  NS
> >  NS
> > NS
> > NS
> >;

> Because you have fully-qualified the owner names here, these NS records
> also "out of zone data" for and would cause the
> load to fail. This is true regardless of whether you have an $ORIGIN in
> file or not, since fully-qualified names effectively override $ORIGIN.

> Why don't you just eliminate the $ORIGIN, use relative names, e.g.
> "alltel" for names that you want to be relative to the zone name, e.g.
> "alltel" + "" = "",
and use
> fully-qualified names for everything else?

Thanks.  I wasn't sure what would happen to our nameservers if I started
playing around with their names.  About the shortcuts - If I use a FQDN for
something outside of Accenture, will that carry down to the next record?
Do I just need to make sure all FQDNs are at the bottom of the zone and
nothing goes after them?

Many thanks,

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