Any clue for this erro Msg

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Wed Oct 3 19:11:11 UTC 2001

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These aren't error messages, they are warnings - and hardly that. What
they are telling you is that someone tried to perform a dynamic DNS
update, and it was rejected (either because the zone isn't configured
for dynamic updates, or because of an IP address or key mismatch).

Since you obscured the IPs, though, it's hard to tell any real pattern
from these. Because you're using an Hotmail address I assume you're
not an ISP - do you have a local network which uses addresses within
the 202.56/16 range for Windows 2000 clients?

Michael Kjörling

On Oct 3 2001 09:07 -0700, Rajasekar Yaralagadda wrote:

> Tyhe below is the error message how to resolve this ?? any suggesstion
> ?? buddies !!
> Oct  3 23:54:55 sghostname /usr/local/sbin/named[329]: [ID 866145
> daemon.error] client update denied
> Oct  3 23:55:13 sghostname /usr/local/sbin/named[329]: [ID 866145
> daemon.error] client update denied
> Oct  3 23:56:21 sghostname /usr/local/sbin/named[329]: [ID 866145
> daemon.error] client update denied
> Raj.

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