Bind Timeout on External Names (8.2.3)

Simon Waters Simon at
Thu Oct 4 13:57:44 UTC 2001

Pete Peterson wrote:
>     Any suggestions about what I should look at or ask others to check?

Don't use for testing, they only have one working
name server at the moment. Try, urm or ".", these can
usually be relied on to have more than one working DNS server!

I've always used for localhost with BIND, not,
but maybe that is just me. I know should reach
localhost, but it is a tad unusual.

Probably unrelated but does anyone else think it odd the GTEI
servers report version "8.2.3-rel" not "8.2.3-REL"?

You report external name resolution getting slower, hmm, I'd try
losing the forwarding, and resolving of root servers - okay
maybe a tad less secure but I bet it solves the problem. Also
monitor the GTEI servers, perhaps they are not available for
short periods, or experiencing other problems (DoS).

	Sorry not to have THE solution


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