Will Yardley william+dns at
Thu Oct 4 18:25:09 UTC 2001

Alex Moen wrote:
> Here's the question:  How do I "forward" or "delegate" the authority
> for our partner's /24's to them, without being set up as a slave
> server to their DNS servers?

you want to delegate to them.  however it's most likely better to slave
to them since if you actually assign the IPs to them you might have
difficulty regaining control.  at least i know that's why our upstream
prefers to SWIP them to us and then slave to our nameservers (if they
add your nameservers to the zone file then everything will show up as

otherwise you will need to fill out a form with ARIN delegating that
space to their nameservers. it has to be at least a C block or you have
to use RFC 2317 style delegation of course.  You could delegate that way
in the first place although i'd avoid it if possible.

you can find more specific information on ARIN's website


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