Alex Moen alexm at
Thu Oct 4 18:05:48 UTC 2001

Hey all...

Got a question that probably has been on this list before.
I have searched the archives, read the FAQ, RTFM'ed, and
perused the Grasshopper, and have found no definitive answer
for my situation.... Some things have been close, but seem

Our company is an ISP.  We have just been awarded a /20 from
Arin, in partnership with another ISP.  We have switched
over to the new numbers, and are having no problem with
them.  However, the partner company is going to start
migrating next, and needs to handle their own DNS.  We do
not want to be responsible for their DNS traffic.  I am not
sure what the proper terminology is here, I have encountered
both "forwarding" and "delegating" authority.  I realize
that they are different, but I don't understand how they are

Here's the question:  How do I "forward" or "delegate" the
authority for our partner's /24's to them, without being set
up as a slave server to their DNS servers?

Thanks, and sorry for the re-posting of this question...
Also, let me know if more info needs to be posted.

Alex Moen
Operations Technology Specialist

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