Win2k Reverse Delegation Question

Cricket Liu cricket at
Thu Oct 4 18:30:37 UTC 2001

> I am a new DNS administrator for an ISP.  We currently have Windows2000
> Server implemented for both our forward and reverse DNS.  I have read all
> the appropriate articles for reverse delegation, but all seem to deal with
> netblocks smaller than /24.   What about delegation of a /24 netblock?  Is
> there a way to do that from our server, or must we do the updates with
> We are looking for a way to do the delegations without having to contact
> ARIN, for simplicity sake.   Please advise. Any help is appreciated.

This isn't really the right newsgroup to ask this question in.  For
questions about
the Microsoft DNS Server, you might try microsoft.public.win2000.dns.

But to answer your question, you can handle networks smaller than /24s with
the Microsoft DNS Server.  See "DNS on Windows 2000," in the chapter
called "Parenting."


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