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You were right on the money with the subject - you want to delegate.
Actually you want to change the delegation, which has to be done at
whomever owns the /16 the /20 is part of.

Contact either your upstream provider or ARIN directly. If it is ARIN
you need to talk to, I hear there is an IN-ADDR.ARPA form to be filled
out - though I have never been involved in that (I'm in Europe to
start with).

Michael Kjörling

On Oct 4 2001 13:05 -0500, Alex Moen wrote:

> Hey all...
> Got a question that probably has been on this list before.
> I have searched the archives, read the FAQ, RTFM'ed, and
> perused the Grasshopper, and have found no definitive answer
> for my situation.... Some things have been close, but seem
> not-quite-right.
> Our company is an ISP.  We have just been awarded a /20 from
> Arin, in partnership with another ISP.  We have switched
> over to the new numbers, and are having no problem with
> them.  However, the partner company is going to start
> migrating next, and needs to handle their own DNS.  We do
> not want to be responsible for their DNS traffic.  I am not
> sure what the proper terminology is here, I have encountered
> both "forwarding" and "delegating" authority.  I realize
> that they are different, but I don't understand how they are
> different.
> Here's the question:  How do I "forward" or "delegate" the
> authority for our partner's /24's to them, without being set
> up as a slave server to their DNS servers?
> Thanks, and sorry for the re-posting of this question...
> Also, let me know if more info needs to be posted.
> Alex Moen
> Operations Technology Specialist

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