How to resolve domain name without specifing www for record type

Rick Evans rick.evans at
Fri Oct 5 17:46:13 UTC 2001


    I have been running MS DNS for quite some time now and have decided to switch to BIND for several reasons.  I am in the process of cutting over and have ran into an issue.  On our MS server, I can create a record for a domain so customers can go to without having to type in the www first.  I am trying to get that to work under bind and not having any luck.  I have the file created and it works fine as long as I put in the www first.  I have under hosts an A record for www.  On a separate line, I have another A record with the same IP address only with nothing in the first part (no www or anything) however it doesn't work.  Is this the correct way to do it?  Sorry for my ignorance.

Thank you,

Rick Evans

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